We are the San Jose, CA, chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

At the moment, our club is currently on hiatus while we re-organize and re-structure to better align with the needs of our community and to better reduce costs.

Previously, our chapter consisted of up to seventy five members with a common interest in horology, the science of measuring time, and the art of making timepieces.

We meet as a social club; in the past six times a year to share stories about horological issues, trade horological items during an active mart filled with clocks, watches, and all items related to them.

Our membership is made up of some of the leading experts in horology as well as artisans of the craft of clockmaking, local collectors, and many others with a interest in learning the craft.

We offer an atmosphere of informal camaraderie that fosters a sharing of information and skills in a social setting.

Chapter 94 is dedicated to learning, and provides a program at most meetings consisting of watch and clock repair techniques, historical video, or hands on programs of members sharing their knowledge.

Our membership is open to all current NAWCC members. We invite you to join us, share your skills with other members, or just come and enjoy yourself with others of a common interest.


The club is currently on a hiatus and does not have any meetings planned.



The board of directors of De Anza Chapter 94 is made up of members who volunteer to sit on the board. The membership votes for the selection of the board members at the annual meeting in December. The board then elects officers for the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These elected roles are for a two year term.

Board of Directors

John Messmer
Kim Hamilton
Donald Kirker

Officers for 2017-2018

President Open
Vice President Open
Secretary Open
Treasurer Kim Hamilton

​Board Meetings

Board meetings are held back-to-back with regular chapter meetings.

​We invite and encourage any member of Chapter 94 to become a board member. We are always looking for new ideas and participation.